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Multiple people have said that they have reported people but nothing was ever done. Love Imgur? Our systems do not work by applying a mute dolores erickson nude ban and then deciding the time, but by choosing a rule which has been broken and applying a predetermined punishement.

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No stream today: Liz View more. Kat Wonders Galactic Strip Tease. Copy and paste the HTML below into your website:. Jennifer lawerance nude just saying their streamer favoritism isn't anything new so I'm not sure what took so long for people to complain. Check out our new forum - Sexy Youtubers Forum.

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The flat tummy You tuber lacks large boobies. They were probably reported and I'm pretty sure one of the first things that's looked at is chat logs. Send a private message to bman7. It doesn't help that maeve quinlan nude video bunch of white knights are on the sub.

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User Name. I will sir: The bug abuse rule was used as it was an appropriate length of punishment for the offence.

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Barbara nedeljakova nude More Posts by Shoe. In fact, as he was dressing this guy was told that by the other users in the chat that this would happen. Send a private message to Meno. Nothing more. EmilyIsPro Naked. You have a blue hat View more. Read my playthrough of OSRS right here!

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Find More Posts by Meno. Thread Tools. For example, this Bazingas guy has five accounts just to do this. Read my playthrough of OSRS nude beach girls pictures here! I'm going to need a little more than that View more. Jagex has always showed a special kindness to streamers over regular peasants, however.