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The hills have eyes nude. Doug stabs a mutant in the gut with the broken end of a baseball bat.

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Bob tells Bobby to leave Doug alone, joking that he's democrat who doesn't believe in guns. Chills are balanced by thrills in the fetching forms of Vamp nude de Ravin and Vinessa Shaw, who might not get naked but add some flesh to the guts, making this a perfectly evenhanded flick to jessi florence nude one-handedly. And it's not over yet.

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That same staff then winds up being rammed through a mutant's neck. He starts to kiss spank nude, but he is interrupted and stops. And smatterings of milder profanities.

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The gas station attendant opens a bag left for him and finds a severed and bloody ear inside a Styrofoam container. The mellisa clarke nude pussy have bad attitudes for attacking, killing and eating others as well as kidnapping Doug's baby. A woman prepares to strike a mutant on the head with a large rock, but is shot backwards across the trailer with bloody resultsmortally wounding her she dies a few moments later after going into shock. A green-minded assault on the proliferation nude celeb oops nuclear weaponry? Spiritual Content Ethel is described as a former hippie who has turned religious. There is some slight thrusting, and much moaning.

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He then slowly makes his way through this town, trying to avoid a large mutant from seeing him and the family dog, and then trying to find his missing baby. A new mother breast feeds and than has an adult male mutant sucking on her breast, but we don't see anything explicit. Many of those deaths result in tense family material survivors grieving over murdered family memberswhile the killers obviously have bad attitudes. Thematic material includes nuclear testing, those genetic defects and more. A woman stabs a real teen amatuers nude in the leg, but he then aims his gun down toward her head. We see a bloody and charred corpse with a flag post impaled in the top of its head.

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That mutant then chases after Bobby who shoots back at it while fleeing, hitting it twice, but it keeps coming and throws an ax that lands near him. Violent Content Frequent and viscerally bloody. Profanity consists of at least 21 "f" words, while other expletives and jeanie buss playboy nude phrases are uttered. A man is nailed to a yucca tree crucifixion-style and set afire.